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Here are demos and technical notes from HyperLogic's CubiCalc and OWL product lines, which are no longer marketed but are still used by many researchers and developers.

Technical Notes

Each Tech Note describes an interesting aspect of using one of our products or the technologies on which they were based.

The Tech Notes are in Portable Document Format (PDF). You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. If you don't have it, visit the Adobe web site:


CubiCalc Demo
A complete working model of CubiCalc with all project save and data export capabilities disabled.

Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems Disk #2
Material provided by HyperLogic for inclusion with the book, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems by Bart Kosko. (Sorry, Disk #1 came from another company. We can't provide that software.)

Fuzzy Engineering Examples
Contains the material that was provided by HyperLogic for inclusion with the book, Fuzzy Engineering by Bart Kosko.

Analog-to-Digital Converter for Windows
Analog-to-Digital-Converter for Windows -- A demonstration of the Hopfield Circuit applied to analog-to-digital conversion. Runs under Windows.

Truck-Backer-Upper for DOS
Fuzzy truck-backer for DOS -- A demonstration of a Fuzzy Logic-based truck backer control algorithm. Runs in DOS window.

Backpropagation XOR Example for DOS
Shows Backpropagation used to learn the XOR function. Runs in DOS window.