HyperLogic Corporation

In over twenty years of operation, HyperLogic personnel have contributed to many projects in a variety of application areas, both in project management and as individual technical contributors.

Digital Video Cameras

Design of chip programming models and hardware-software interaction, firmware development, and hardware bring-up for FPGA-based designs.

Device Drivers

Device drivers for many chips including touchscreen controller, audio mixer, AC97 audio controller, video encoders and decoders, graphics interfaces, MPEG decoders, bar code reader, USB controllers, ATA/ATAPI, PCI bus, flash and NVRAM chips, 802.11 wireless interfaces, Xilinx FPGA configuration, JPEG encoder/decoder, and a variety of custom FPGA-based devices.

Streaming Video

MPEG player for multicast streaming video system, including Session Announcement Protocol (SAP) and Session Description Protocol (SDP). System analysis and vendor liason to resolve synchronization issues across multiple units.

Image Analysis

Statistical analysis of imager charactistics. Image recognition, flow, and feature analysis.

Network Processor Microcode

Architecture and management of development efforts using Motorola and Intel network processors.

Digital Picture Frame

Firmware development of internet-connected digital picture frame including networking protocols.

Machine Intelligence Products

HyperLogic developed the OWL Neural Network Library and the CubiCalc Fuzzy System Development Environment. Demos and technical notes are available in the Archives.

Golf Club Prescription System

A distributed system for creating customized golf club prescriptions, including an embedded system to collect data, communicate with a centralized fuzzy logic server, then print prescriptions at the originating site.